Aeroseal was first developed in 1994 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory through funding from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the US Department of Energy. Aeroseal has proven to be the most effective, affordable and viable method of sealing leaky ductwork systems in residential homes and commercial buildings. Currently, more than 85,000 homes and 500 commercial buildings throughout the US have been treated successfully.


Energy Savings

Duct sealing can help you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills, resulting in more money in your pocket. Leaky duct systems typically contribute to
20-40 percent of a home’s heating and cooling costs. Energy efficient homes in Roanoke using duct sealing can increase a heating and/or cooling system’s efficiency to a greater degree than upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace and with less of an investment. Additionally, if you plan to install a new heating and cooling system, having efficient ducts may make it possible for you to downsize to a smaller, less costly system.




Improved Comfort

If you find that some rooms in your home get too warm while others stay too cool – or if you experience uncomfortable drafts – it might be due to leaks in your duct system. Sealing ducts can help keep the temperature even.




Cleaner Air

Sealing your ducts can also improve the air quality inside your home and safeguard the health of your family. Leaky ducts can cause the air in your home to carry pollutants like car exhaust, pesticides, insulation fibers, mold or mildew, and more. Duct leaks can also draw in combustion gases from fireplaces, wood stoves, gas and oil furnaces, and water heaters.

Help the Environment

When you seal the ducts in your home, it reduces the amount of energy your home uses. The less energy we use, the less pollution we create. If we all do our part to conserve energy, we will have a cleaner, healthier environment.


How Does Aeroseal It Work?

Think of it as a “Fix-a-Flat”” for your heating and cooling system. By first sealing all vents and registers in your home and then putting the escaping air under pressure, Aeroseal’s computerized system and software enables us to accurately measure duct leakage.

Then using the proprietary Aeroseal injection process, polymer particles flow through the airstream, find all the leaks, collect upon the edges of each establishing a point to which subsequent circulating particles will adhere to ultimately close each leak. This system of “search & seal” works throughout the ductwork of your home.

Since it works form the inside of your ductwork, it easily fixes all leaks, even those hidden behind walls and under insulation. The entire process usually takes just a few hours and the results are immediate. Aeroseal was selected as Popular Science’s “Invention of the Year” in 1996 and was recently named to the

U. S. Department of Energy’s “Top 100 Inventions of the last 23 years” and was recipient in 2011 of the This Old House “Best New Product Award”.