Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Too Large For Your Home

Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Blog |

For most Americans, having a cool and comfortable home is key in the summertime. After all, nearly 88% of newly constructed single-family homes included air conditioner installation in 2011. But while beating the heat is a must, it’s a bad idea to buy a unit that’s too large for your home. Heating and cooling companies can help you to determine what size air conditioner will work best for your property. By neglecting their...

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3 Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Repair

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in Blog |

Thanks to the rise in air conditioning across the nation over the last 50 years, American researchers found the chance of dying on an extremely hot summer day has decreased by more than 80%. But if your air conditioner stops working this summer, you may feel like you’re dying! If you want to avoid waking up or coming home to an unwelcome surprise — namely, a sweltering hot house — this season, regular HVAC repairs and...

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Want To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient? Start With These HVAC Tips And Tricks!

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in Blog |

Green living is gaining in popularity, which means that energy efficient homes are a lot more common. Promoting sustainable practices at home allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, of course, but they’ll also help you save a lot of money. Homeowners who are looking for ways to be more energy efficient are smart to start with their HVAC systems. Below, we’ll discuss a few tips and tricks that will allow you to use less energy,...

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5 HVAC Maintenance Tips To Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Posted by on Jul 5, 2017 in Blog |

Temperatures are already starting to soar in many parts of the country, which means you’ve probably had to turn on your air conditioner at least a few times. AC service isn’t always cheap here in the U.S., as air conditioners use around 5% of all electricity produced in the nation and cost more than $11 billion to homeowners every year. Maintaining your HVAC system is key, as it ensures everything runs effectively. Otherwise, you...

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Sneaky, Leaky Ducts: 3 Signs You Need Your Ductwork Sealed

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017 in Blog |

It’s almost summertime which means homeowners all across the country may soon start cranking up the AC. But leaky ducts can derail your plans for maintaining a cool and comfortable house this season. Leaky ductwork may not always be easy to spot, but if you keep a sharp eye out for these three signs, you’ll know when to make an appointment for duct sealing services. Uneven Temperatures Some areas of your home may be harder to heat...

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